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Evangelization First uses the most engaging ministry  techniques.  Classes are replaced with small groups. Teachers transition into facilitators.Professional speakers and ministry experts educate young Catholics about their faith using the most advanced presentation technologies.This ensures that  material is presented in the most captivating way possible.  It also avoids a common pitfall of a more traditional religious education model: although they are well-intentioned, catechists’ own limitations can directly impact students’ education. Each Evangelization First session is dynamic, involving multiple components in both large and small group settings.

In addition to content from a curriculum approved by the parish, many Evangelization First sessions include Ministry Moments.  Ministry Moments are prayers, games, videos, and activities not designed to teach specific content, but rather to engage the students in a broader spiritual sense. 

Evangelization First is relational – participants meet with their small group and facilitator every session for discussion, activities, prayer, Scripture reading and content reinforcement. Programs are customized to your parish’s specific needs and can range from one session to an entire curriculum.   Each session can be one grade-level only or several grade levels together. Extensions to the program can include mini-retreats, service opportunities, concerts, retreats, and other events.

The traditional model of religious education for middle school students and Confirmation candidates simply isn’t working.  The Dynamic Catholic Institute reports that 85% of those who are Confirmed will leave the Church within 7 years. We have to do better.

Evangelization First takes advantage of the limited time and exposure the Church has with un-catechized youth by employing ministry-based education. This education through evangelization technique is more effective.  Helping young people to forge an authentic relationship with God makes them more enthusiastic about learning about the faith.

Evangelization is better education– youth are more engaged, better behaved and less apathetic.
Rather than dreading “CCD,” students actually enjoy and look forward to religious education with Evangelization First!

Of the hundreds of students who have been anonymously surveyed after participating in Evangelization First, more than 85% said they felt more prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and more than 90% have responded that they felt closer to Jesus Christ!

In a full program, Fiat Ventures coordinates the curriculum, activities and speakers, relieving often overworked parish staff and volunteers.  In fact, with minimal administrative support from the parish, Fiat Ventures can even manage and deliver the entire Religious Education program for middle school and/or Confirmation for less than the cost of a full time employee.

Evangelization First is integrated into the parish’s existing programs, calendar and staff.   If a parish likes its current textbook, for example, Evangelization First can serve as a more effective means of delivering the content of that series.

Individual Evangelization First sessions can be implemented in lieu of a standard Religious Education class as a one-time event, or a series throughout the year.  These sessions can be a convenient and efficient way to add ministry-based education without having to alter existing calendars.

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