Progam & Pricing

Full Middle School Program Management

Although fully adaptable, the standard middle school program is 12-14 ninety minute sessions, with two grades meeting concurrently.

In a Full Time program, Fiat Ventures:

  • Coordinates curriculum and delivery
  • Integrates into the parish staff
  • Has consistent personnel at sessions, so other parish staff need not attend
  • Communicates directly with the parishioners and participants
  • Manages the small group facilitators (catechists)
  • Helps track attendance (with administrative support from parish)

Cost: typically $8,500 to $14,000.

Comprehensive Confirmation Preparation Package

A Comprehensive Confirmation Preparation Package consists of 8 E1 Sessions (meant to ensure the candidates are prepared for the Sacrament) plus one Not Too Young Confirmation Day Retreat.

Cost: $6,500

Confirmation Preparation Package

This Confirmation package consists of four 2-hour sessions aimed at evangelizing and catechizing Confirmation candidates.

Cost: $2,300

Individual E1 Sessions

Individual E1 sessions can easily be integrated into an existing religious education program.
See “Sample Sessions,” which also includes a list of common topics for E1 Sessions.

Cost: typically $700 per session

Middle School Program

Fiat Ventures coordinates the curriculum and delivery for the entire school year.

Cost: typically $7,000 to $11,000, depending on number of grades and number of sessions.

Customized Program

Any package of topics and sessions can be created to suit a parish’s specific needs.

The cost will obviously vary according to the program.
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