St. Bartholomew Make-Up Work

Confirmation Program Make-Up Work

8th Grade Session 1 (9/22): The Sacramental Life

Please watch the videos below and write a one-paragraph response to each question.

Video #1

  1. Why does the Catholic Church baptize infants? 
  2. Do you think someone can truly be a Christian without the Sacrament of Baptism? Why or why not?

Video #2

  1. Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest?
  2. Confession is not about “reporting to the principal’s office”, but rather is about what?

Video #3

  1. Write a few sentences about something new you learned about the Eucharist in the video, and something you learned about the practicals of how we receive Communion and the different postures and gestures we use.
7th Grade Session 1 (10/6): God the Father
Please watch the videos below, respond to each question and hand in by next session:

Video #1:
1.    Write a 10-15 sentence response to video explaining the parachute analogy as well as some of the ways that we can grow in faith.

Video #2:
1.    Write a one-paragraph explanation of how Nemo’s father’s mission represents God the Father’s love for us.

8th Grade Session 2 (10/20): Catholic Social Teaching
Please watch the videos below. Write a 5-paragraph response reflecting on these questions and hand them in by the next session.

Video #1:
Video #2:

1.    What was the most striking thing about the video? Was it one of the statistics? The line dropping lower and lower throughout the month?

2.    Why do you think the Catholic Church cares so much for the poor and the vulnerable in society?

3.    What are some concrete ways that you yourself can help uphold the human dignity of all people and work for the “common good”? In other words, what are some ways you can serve those in need?

8th Grade Session 3 (11/3): Marriage & Religious Vocations
Please watch the videos below. Write a one-paragraph response to each question and hand them in by the next session.

Video #1

1.    Have you ever thought of married life as a calling from God (a Vocation) or do you think of it more like the “default” for most people?

2.    What are some of the things that marriage has in common with a vocation to religious life?

Video #2
Girls: Please watch this video about Religious Sisters

Boys: Please watch this video about the Priesthood

1.    In the video, Fr. John Muir said that God doesn’t take away what makes you who you are when he was called to be a priest. What are some of the gifts and talents you have and what are some of the ways you can share those gifts and talents with others/with the world? (e.g. acting, writing, speaking, music, sports, good with numbers, good listening skills, teaching, etc)

2.    Were you surprised to see that priests have more responsibilities than just celebrating mass? What did you find interesting in seeing a day in the life of a Catholic priest?

3.    What do you think would be some reasons why someone would choose to become a priest or a religious sister?